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Heritage Hub: Skinner Road
Tuapeka Mouth,

Tuapeka Ferry: Ferry Road
Tuapeka Mouth,

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Tuapeka Mouth Map Things TO DO - see the descriptions below for more details.

Notes to the Map of Tuapeka Mouth

1. Heritage Hub (Former) Tuapeka Mouth Presbyterian Church built 1909 – Purchased by the Clutha Valley Tuapeka Heritage Trust in November 2012 to retain the property for the Community.

2. Heritage apple tree planted by settlers the Brown family – late 1800`s **view from the road**

3. Tuapeka Mouth Ferry, (The Punt) operating since 1896. Now Historic Places Trust Cat. 1

4. The only remaining Hotel Building, once there were 3 hotels in Tuapeka Mouth ** road view only**

5. Coronation Hall

6. Swimming hole & view sluice tunnel from Gold mining days (across the river)

7. Tuapeka Mouth School (Former) built 1870- closed 1949 & Memorial Gates – erected to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the Tuapeka Mouth School 1870-1930 – & to Honour the men from the district that fought in the Great War ~ please note that different documents have different dates. Historic Places Trust Cat. 2

Also the location of the Circket Ground. We call it the TMCG  Tuapeka Mouth Cricket Ground.  Local team in action.

8. Tuapeka Mouth Garage – once supporting 11 families **road view only**

9. St Augustine Catholic Church

10. Tuapeka Mouth Cemetery

11. Lookout over Tuapeka Mouth & the Clutha Valley & Clutha river

12. Historic Dam – built for Gold Mining – a good walk here (please, ask for directions)  See Tuapeka River Dam Walk page 

Please note that this information is to the best of our knowledge – should you be able to add to or correct any information your input would be welcome Clutha Valley Tuapeka Heritage Trust

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Coming soon -  Heritage Walk -The Tuapeka River Dam Walk.