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Heritage Hub: Skinner Road
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Things TO DO at Tuapeka Mouth

Tuapeka Mouth Map Things TO DO - see the descriptions below for more details.

Notes to the Map

1. Heritage Hub (Former) Tuapeka Mouth Presbyterian Church built 1909 – Purchased by the Clutha Valley Tuapeka Heritage Trust in November 2012 to retain the property for the Community. A Park over Property(POP).  Historical and Local Information.

2. Heritage apple tree “Warner’s King” planted by settlers the Brown family – late 1800`s **view from the road**

3. Tuapeka Mouth Ferry, (The Punt) operating since 1896. Now Historic Places Trust Cat. 1   Information board and track map.

4. The only remaining Hotel Building, once there were 3 hotels in Tuapeka Mouth ** road view only**

5. Coronation Hall – find a Map of River Walk here, and parking.

6. Swimming hole & view sluice tunnel from Gold mining days (across the river) (See River Walk)

7. Tuapeka Mouth School (Former) built 1870- closed 1949 & Memorial Gates – erected to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the Tuapeka Mouth School 1870-1930 – & to Honour the men from the district that fought in the Great War ~ please note that different documents have different dates. Historic Places Trust Cat. 2

Also the location of the Domain and the Cricket Ground. Not the MCG but the TMCG  Tuapeka Mouth Cricket Ground.  Local team in action. The Clutha Valley Stingers. They call the domain 'The Wasps Nest"

8. Tuapeka Mouth Garage – once supporting 11 families **road view only**

9. St Augustine Catholic Church - now privately owned but in the spirit of St Augustine, the patron saint of brewers,is the home of hop plants and other wonderful displays.

10. Tuapeka Mouth Cemetery

11. Lookout over Tuapeka Mouth & the Clutha Valley & Clutha river

12. Historic Dam – built for Gold Mining – a good walk here See  1.6 Tuapeka River Dam Walk 

13. Tuapeka River Bridge. Stile at start of River Walk     See  1.6 Tuapeka River Dam Walk