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Tuapeka River Dam Track            


1907: The Tamaiti Goldmining Co. has adopted a new system:(described as "A revolution in Mining" *) a weir constructed on the crib principle has been placed across the Tuapeka River at a point about nine miles from Lawrence. The whole of the river’s normal flow is conveyed by a flume, 8 ft. x 5 ft., on to a James Leffel horizontal turbine developing 200 h.p. using 70 Government heads of water; i.e. 437 gallons per second.

An application has been granted to the same company for another dam site lower down the river and a special claim has been applied for.

1914: April: The Tuapeka Mouth Sluicing Co. Ltd has been formed with a claim of 15 acres on the Tuapeka Mouth mining reserve having a capital of £900. A start has been made on building the dam and a race.

1916: April: The T.M. Sluicing Co. has erected a pelton wheel and pump. £65.11.11 of gold has been won from two paddocks.  October: £128.11.10 of gold has been won from three paddocks.


This 2023 youtube introduces you to "The Beast in Tuapeka Mouth" Gregor Campbell of Tales From Darkest Dunedin takes you through Tuapeka Mouth to find the heritage leffel turbine. 

2023 article in Cluhta Leader "relic of gold mining era creates intereset"