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Currently the ferry normally operates daily: 10.00am -2.00pm, subject to river conditions. 

The ferry does not operate on Good Friday, and Christmas day.  It will be closed in the morning on ANZAC Day.

There is no charge.

Sometimes due to variable river conditions, the punt may not be operating. Please contact Council on 0800 801 350 during office hours.



JANUARY 27:    Closed at 1 today, due to low water and building wind.
jANUARY 31:    WOW! What a huge day. 17 trips!! From all over, but many locals, inc Dunedin, Cromwell and Balclutha.
Come on in, the water's PERFECT. There's a perfect weather forecast too!! 

1. The operation is hugely reliant on water level and weather. The volume of water in the river is basically what is released from Roxburgh Dam, which we get approximately 8hrs later. We can operate in the range of 400-850 cumecs (give or take, depending on the wind strength and direction - remember this is a buoyant vessel). WE RECOMMEND phoning the Punt shed and talking to the operator (during hours of operation only).  03-415 9068  He/she will advise if operating or not.
2. Operating hours are now 10am till 2pm, 7 days a week. 
If you have a large group wishing to visit please give us plenty of advance warning. Also, should you have a large group, and you wish to visit outside normal hours, you should contact James Allison at the Clutha District Council in the first instance (

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The Punt
Some 25 punts used to operate on the Clutha River.
Now there is only the Tuapeka Ferry left in service.


Photo of paddlesteamer "Matau" 1882-1901 passing the Tuapeka Mouth ferry.

Here is a list of the Puntmen who have worked tirelessly since 1896 to keep this service operating:

Tuapeka Mouth Ferry      Punt Operators (as at 24 Jan 2021)

1896-1900. W.G. Buchan

1900-24. W. (Bill) Nehoff

1925-45. W. (Bill) Latimer

1945-46. W.S. Whitty

1947-50. D.A. Houliston

1950-58. W. (Jock) W H J Small

1958-75. W. (Bill) Gray

1975-77. E.R. Tallentire

1977-(short period) R. McGowan

1977-(short period) R. Sell

1977-84. R. Dodds

1984-94. L.E. Thompson

1994-2015. P.J Dickson

2012-2015. N E Sowry (Weekends)

2015-2017. N E Sowry

2015-2016. P. Lomax

2015-2016. F R Lomax

2016-Current. Terry Stride

2018-Current. F R Lomax

2019-Current. Tony Keast

2019-Current. Tom Jones


Check out the ODT report on the 125th celebration - great drone footage of the punt